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395 - 186 Seogyo-dong Mapo-Gu
Seoul Korea

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DaDa Trading Co., Ltd. will be the best company manufacturing and selling the highest quality in global textile market. We had ceaselessly been changed and we had made continuous challenge since our company foundation in 1992. Main goal of our company is to produce fabric qualities that
no other company but DaDa can only provide and to remain as a typical company insisting only direct exporting business for the best quality of garment manufacturing. We will also continuously put our utmost efforts to keep studying and developing ourselves to be the representing Korean company.
1. promise that we will supply the highest quality products with the most competitive
prices to our customers.
2. provide the best communication service to our customers through internal coopera-
tion and communication between each division.
3. construct professional Development & Research system and will remain as a special-
ized company developing new products continuously.
4. put our utmost efforts to provide a satisfactory welfare program both in quality and in quantity to all families of each staff of DaDa Trading Co., Ltd.

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